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It is my pleasure to welcome all those of interested in the Transport sector in Jordan and its development; this web site contains outcomes of Ministry of Transport Employees efforts, and the contributions of all public and private sectors stakeholders, it Also provides information highlighting challenges faced by the Transport Sector both on the institutional and the regulatory frameworks, as well as highlighting the Ministry's future short term plans.No doubt, the Transport sector is crucial in influencing most economic activities, and its contributions to the Economic & Social developments, its Importance also stems from connecting both Production with consumption.

Freight land transport:

Actions taken by the Ministry in de-regulating and restructuring the sector by the ministry have resulted in the increase of the percentage of Vehicles owned by Companies from (15%) in 2001 to (32%) in a year 2005 in accordance with Law No.46 of 2001.

A directorate for licensing companies has been established to ensure good governance and the implementation of governing laws.

In cooperation with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASESA), a new system of entering and exiting (ASESA) was introduced.

Cabinet of Ministers council issued a decision to extend the exemption of Customs and other tariff until 31/12/2007.

In cooperation with Ministry of Public work and Housing, the Ministry of Transport is in the process of establishing the Amman Inland Port. In this regard (12 Km) were leveled and Yards for truck parking is under work.

Public Transport:
The ongoing efforts to develop modernize the Public Transport system aggressively taking place, the ultimate aim is to have a modern an efficient mass transit system.

Maritime Transport:

Maritime legislations have been developed in accordance to international best practices, the Jordan Maritime Authority,

Civil Aviation & Air Transport:
As a continuation of the civil aviation authority restructuring and airports privatization project which aims to restructure the civil aviation sector including Jordanian airports and setting best management plans for the airports while encouraging private sector participation in airports services to upgrade the level of air transport services,

Railways transport:
The ministry is undertaking the preparation of a railways master plan study, which includes a comprehensive plan for a railway network.

Information technology:
the Ministry is continuously working on modernization of its IT environment (including software's, database programs, equipment’s & computer network) using the most advanced technologies, the Ministry is currently working on establishing a Data Bank for the transport sector that will provide accurate & updated information to assist decision makers, investors, citizens & employees.

International Relations:
Bilateral agreements with neighboring & other countries are continuously revised and upgraded in order to facilitate goods & persons and to minimize transport related costs.
The Jordanian Syrian land transport company has recorded increased profits in addition to the renewal & THE modernization of part of its fleet. The Arab Bridge Maritime Company owns all of its shipping fleet, has registered record profits
Finally, I hope this Web Site will be useful in providing information about the transport sector.


  Eng. Wesam Altahtamouni  

        Minister of Transport           

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