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Trade & Transport Technical Committee

The Technical Committee for Trade & Transport Facilitation (TCTTF) was formed two years after the NCTTF, in 2005. Members of this committee represent a wider spectrum of stakeholders from the private & public sectors: Transport authorities, government ministries, transport users & suppliers, Jordanian chambers of commerce, chambers of industry, international transport operations, port authorities & transport terminal operators.
The TCTTF reports to the National Committee on issues raised & obstacles faced by different sectors, both public & private, relating to the TTF so that proper action can be taken.


Technical Committee Members:


    Departments / Commissions

   Private Sector

  • Ministry of Transport
  • Minister of Planning & International Cooperation
  • Minister of Industry & Trade
  • Minister of Interior
  • Minister of Agriculture
  • Minister of Public Works & Housing
  • Jordan Customs General Director
  • Jordan Standards & Metrology Organization
  • Jordan Food & Drug Administration
  • Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission
  • Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority
  • Aqaba Development Corporation
  • Aqaba Ports Corporation
  • Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation
  • Jordan Maritime Authority
  • Land Transport Regulatory Commission
  • Public Security Directorate\ Borders & Residence Department
  • Nafith Company for Logistics Services
  • Aqaba Container Terminal
  • Jordan Chamber of Industry
  • Jordan Chamber of Commerce
  • Jordan Shipping Association
  • Association of Clearing Agents
  • Syndicate of Jordanian Trucks Owners
  • Jordanian Logistics Association
  • Jordan Exporters Association
  • Nafith Company for Logistics Services
  • Jordan Insurance Federation

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