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Jordan Longterm National Sector Strategy

The Jordan Ministry of Transport has awarded the project of developing the Jordan LongTerm National Transport Strategy to a Consortium of International Consultants, formed bythe companies PTV Transport Consult GmbH and TRT Trasporti e Territorio srl.The overall objective of the project is the development of the National Transport Strategyand of an Action Plan for its implementation. The approach of developing this strategy and the action plan was to review and update existing policy documents and strategies, to thoroughly analyse the current conditions of the transport system, to develop tools foranalysis and forecast of conditions until 2030 (development of a National Transport Model),to develop tools for appraisal of investments and assessment of impacts of measures and strategies, to identify measures and to combine them into several alternative options, applying the transport model and the assessment tools to compare the options, to identify the most favourable option and to finally design the National Strategy based on these findings and an intensive consultation process with all relevant stakeholders in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


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