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About the Ministry

Formerly known as the Ministry of Communications (railways, aviation and seaports), the Ministry of Transport was established in the beginning of 1965, and assumed its official status in 1971 upon the issuance of the Ministry of Transport Law No. (42), which became a permanent law in 1972.

In 2003, the Transport Law No. (89) Was issued to reflect the current situation and future role of the Ministry. Under this Law, the Ministry is undertaking the following tasks and mandates in order to achieve its objectives:

  • Develop the transport general policy and supervise its implementation in coordination and collaboration with the relevant entities.
  • Regulate and monitor road freight transport sector and services, and issue permits for profession practice in all activities to individuals and companies in coordination and collaboration with competent entities.
  • Regulating and monitoring rail freight transport sector and its services, as well as the issuance of the necessary work permits in all activities in coordination and cooperation with the competent entities
  • Continue the application of specifications, measurements and standards adopted under the applicable legislation.
  • Continue the application of bilateral transport agreements between the Kingdom and other countries, and international conventions in which the Kingdom is a party.
  • Represent the Kingdom at any Arab and international entity concerned with transport, and follow up their activities in coordination and participation with competent entities.
  • Conduct required investigations and studies on various types of transport accidents without prejudice to any applicable legislation.
  • Establish and develop transport accident prevention measures in accordance with international requirements in coordination and collaboration with competent entities.
  • Prepare researches and studies necessary for the development of the sector and issue periodic bulletins and reports in its activities.
  • Establish transport data warehouse (DWH).
  • Any other tasks related to the sector.

In accordance with the regulations of related ministries, departments, and public official institutions, six governmental institutions, departments, and commissions with legal personality and enjoying financial and administrative independence, and having their own board of directors (except Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission) are related to the Minister of Transport:

  • Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission
  • Jordan-Hejaz Railway Corporation
  • Land Transport Regulatory Commission
  • Jordan Maritime Authority


The Ministry is concerned with the follow up of activities of joint Arab transport companies, in which the Jordanian Government participates. These companies are as follows:

  • The Jordanian-Syrian Land Transport Company (HQ in Amman)
  • Arab Bridge Maritime Company (HQ in Aqaba)
Vision           Mission

Developed & Safe Transport Sector, to promote Jordan as a Transport Regional Hub.                                                                                     

  • Developing and setting the necessary policies for the renaissance of  transport sector & meteorology.
  • Optimizing the utilization of the government  fleet.
  •  Providing safe, sustainable and environment  friendly services in partnership with the private sector in order to meet the needs and expectations of different transport modes.


Core Values

  • Good Governance
  • Professionalism
  • Team work spirit
  • Focus on quality
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Social Responsibility

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