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Summary of Updating the Transport Sector Strategy


Summary of The Updating the Transport Sector Strategy (2023-2027) Phases

  • The Prime Minister was addressed to approve forming a steering committee to update the transport sector strategy. Approval was obtained for the formation of the committee, with the membership of 15 government agencies and five representatives from the private sector.
  • The first steering committee meeting was held in the Prime Ministry on 6/21/2021, chaired by the Prime Minister and attended by the majority of the members of the committee, where it was agreed at the meeting to update the transport sector strategy, taking into account the need to define goals and priorities, and the need to include and measure the economic, social and environmental impact In it, provided that the strategy prepared for five years at most.
  • A specialized working group has been formed within the Ministry of Transport to review the current strategy and study priorities and objectives before moving to the stage of committee work and seeking the assistance of experts.
  • The Ministry of Transport, in cooperation with the World Bank, the European Union and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and all the partners of the sector through holding several meetings developed a strategy for the transport sector at the sectoral level that is compatible with the various developments in the transport sector and in line with the vision of economic modernization, which was prepared at the national level with the aim of modernizing and developing a transport system that encourage the economic and social development in Jordan.
  • The stakeholders, members of the Steering Committee, were provided with a draft of the Strategy for their feedback, as all the comments received were reflected on the document by the Ministry’s team in addition to the European Union advisor, waiting the approval of the Prime Ministry on the updated strategy proposal.

List of Stakeholders

Affiliated Bodies

Jordan Maritime Authority

Jordan Hijaz Railway Corporation

Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority

Land Transport Regulatory Authority

The main partners

Arab Bridge Maritime

Royal Court

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Local Administration

Ministry of Interior

Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority

Aqaba Development Company

Greater Amman Municipality

Aqaba Container Port Company

Investment Commission

Aqaba Airports Company

Aqaba Company for Ports Operation and Management and

Jordan Airports Company

Association and Organizations


Municipal Councils

Civil Society Institutions





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