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Trade & Transport National Committee

In 2003, a National Committee for Trade & Transport Facilitation, a partnership of members from both the private & public sectors, was officially created to tackle the challenges in international trade operations, specifically to enhance dialogue & develop a more supportive environment in the areas of trade, transport & logistics, agreements & treaties, as well as border management.

The NCTTF was established in accordance with UN Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) guidelines on regional trade. The committee is entrusted with carrying out its mandate by making recommendations & proposals which will simplify procedures, organize logistics, facilitate administrative reform & law, reduce time & costs of operations & reinforce security.

The committee aims not only to increase the level of trade between Jordan & the rest of the world but also encourage the spread of TTF policies & procedures to all countries in the region.


National Committee Members:


    Departments / Commissions

   Private Sector

  • Minister of Transport
  • Secretary General of Planning & International Cooperation
  • Secretary General of Industry & Trade
  • General Director of Jordan Food & Drug Administration
  • Secretary General of Interior
  • Secretary General of Agriculture
  •   General Director of Jordan Customs                                  
  • President of Jordan Chamber of Industry
  • Chairman of Jordan Chamber of Commerce

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