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Training Certificate Award Ceremony by Ministry of Transport

The Ministry of Transport is pleased to announce that participants from the 2011 Training Programme funded by the EU project, Trade and Transport Facilitation are being recognized for their achievements.  A training program was launched by the Ministry for the benefit of public sector employees engaged in trade and transport and also the private sector. At present, 24 public and private organisations including Ministries are collaborating with the Ministry of Transport to improve the situation for trade and transport in the Kingdom. 

In 2011, the project trained 84 people in subjects including international good practice in logistics, financial planning, project management and human resource development which contribute to improved quality in the transport and trade sector. This training was executed through workshops in Amman with national and international experts, and by two study tours to Germany, which is among the lead countries of logistics services worldwide.

H.E. the Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport, Eng Laith H. Dababneh, addressed the guests of the ceremony recognizing the contributions of all stakeholders including the European Union represented by Mr Spiros Polycandriotis, the Head of Trade, Economic Affairs & Private Sector Development of the European Union Delegation in Jordan.

Eng Laith Dababneh confirmed the Ministry’s commitment to cooperation with partners in the field and noted that sustainable results are expected from the longer term training plan which extends to 2014. This initiative by the Ministry of Transport is part of a wider programme of reform and research already underway and due to continue over the next few years.  One result of this programme is the Secretariat for Trade and Transport Facilitation which works with public and private sector partners in addressing constraints in the field and which was established by the Ministry last year.  Easing trade or transport obstacles to business across borders can generate increased trade flows, improve Gross Domestic Product and help to diversify the economy leading to more jobs for citizens.  Trade and Transport Facilitation has become a fundamental element of trade and economic development, even more so in a global economy which has become increasingly interconnected and interdependent.

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